Wii Remote Head Tracking Server for Virtual Reality

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Updated public release of tracking server – v1.1.0

Posted 02 May 2011

Version 1.1.0 is a significant improvement, released to the public today. This new version includes the updated dependencies WiiUse 0.14.0 and a pre-release of VRPN 07.29. The GUI now supports the threaded (non-blocking) continuous connection to the Wiimote added in recent VRPN versions, so the Wiimote can disconnect and re-connect without shutting down the tracker (at least on Linux). It also provides a sensitivity adjustment (matching that of the Wii) allowing you to increase or decrease the camera’s sensitivity to IR light. This should increase tracking robustness substantially.

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For more screenshots, see the documentation on installing and using the system.


This application builds on the Wii Remote Head Tracking filter module for VRPN by providing an easy-to-use, fully-integrated tracking server.

If you cite this work or use this tracking system, we would appreciate hearing from you. You may contact the main developer, Ryan Pavlik (Iowa State University), via his web site

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Ryan Pavlik
Virtual Reality Applications Center
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